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No pain in my rt.shoulder now and has lowered my B.P. Have more energy.

It Wory

I Was feeling sluggish, slight depressed, and had no energy. Pursued the performance band. Had a great night sleep and I’m feeling energetic positive and full of energy. Excellent product.

Stiffness has been relieved

I am a jeweler and a 3D jewelry designer, all these require my hands to manipulate tiny parts and pieces, usually with force and pressure. Hours of using a mouse or keypad, repetitive motions for hours. So, my hands are constantly stiff and sore at the end of everyday. Since wearing the healthy wave band on my wrist, I have felt a noticeable difference in the alleviation, there is a noticeable decline in my knuckles from the inflammation and pain. Highly worth the small investment!

Improved quality in performance

I’ve been wearing this for a week now and I can tell already difference. I suffer from migraines and pain associated from my job as a LMT. This band is a quality product and I recommend to anyone who is looking for pain management in a holistic way.

Immediate Relief

I have an inflammatory disease that causes muscle pain & stiffness. Three weeks ago I was introduced to the performance band and experienced almost immediate relief from the pain. The band has definitely been a blessing & I would highly recommend it to anyone that has muscle or joint pain. I feel much better overall & have higher energy levels.

Feel better soon

Feeling much better after wearing bracelet for a day. More energy with much less pain.


The bracelet has changed my life.
Sleeping better
Les body pain

Thank you!

I am happy my husband bought me the EMF sticker, I am around EMF- emitting devices all day long, and recently became aware of the risks associated with this type of frequency. Fewer migraines and better focus! Thank you The Healthy Waves!

Psoriasis Gone After Years

I have suffered fron psoriasis for nearly 15 years. I would have breakouts on my hands, arms, and legs that were painful and embarrassing. After wearing the band for less than a week, my skin has cleared nearly 100%. This is the only relief I have gotten in 15+ years without compromising my immunity with a biologic injection. I would recommend this band to anyone suffering from psoriasis or any other inflammatory-type illness.

Energy and Performance Band
Danabeth Zambelli
Fantastic Band

Since I started wearing the Healthy Wave band, I find myself being able to retain my energy throughout the day. After working out, my body doesn't feel sore like before, and I feel as though I have more endurance during my workouts. The Healthy Wave band is a total win for me!

Great Band

I have been wearing the band for the last 3 weeks and feel a difference with my back. Great product.

Energy Band

I saw pain relief in my knees after wearing the band. Works best for me if I wear the band 4 - 5 days then take it off for a day. When I put it back on it kicks in and my knees feel better! I can enjoy my morning walks on the beach again.

All I can say, is this has changed my life!

I have battled with sciatic nerve issues for 10 years. At a younger age, I just felt like I couldn’t keep up. The pain would come and go but it always seemed to stick with me even after treatments and medications. Since I started wearing this wristband 6 weeks ago, I have had ZERO issues and pain. To think of all the doctors appointments, sleepless nights and money spent to continue to experience pain - and this bracelet in a matter of weeks has been a life and game changer! I can now bend down to play with my children for longer than a couple minutes, jump on the trampoline and be able to stand for more than 30 minutes without having to do stretches. I have bought my wife and both of my parents these bands, and 3 more believers! It has changed their life completely! From several different things that have weighed them down for years, and the most important thing for them is their sleep pattern has changed for the better! I wish I could give this product 10 stars! Thank you Healthy Waves, you have definitely been a life changing company!

Feel great

After riding the bicycle or playing a round of golf I feel great and have more energy wearing this energy ban and you can too.

Thank you!

I have noticed a decrease in joint pain and overall inflammation. The band is also comfortable to wear and easy to use. I highly recommend the Healthy Waves band to anyone looking for a natural and effective way to support their health and well-being."

Highly recommend!

I've been using The Healthy Waves products for several weeks now, and I'm blown away by how much better I feel. I've noticed a significant reduction in my stress levels and an increase in my overall sense of well-being. I also love the EMF protection - it gives me peace of mind knowing that I'm protecting myself and my family from harmful radiation. Highly recommend!"

I was a bit skeptical about bioenergetic technology

"I was a bit skeptical about bioenergetic technology, but after trying out The Healthy Waves products, I'm a believer. The difference in my energy levels and mental clarity is remarkable. I'm also impressed with the quality of the products - they feel very well-made and durable. I'll definitely be buying more in the future."