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Energy and Performance Band


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Discover the game-changing Healthy Waves Energy and Performance Band. This wearable technology promotes optimal blood flow for better health, increased energy, and reduced inflammation. It uses groundbreaking biosignaling technology, reorienting blood cells for improved performance and energy distribution. The band helps combat inflammation, supports heart health, and even speeds up recovery time by facilitating more efficient ATP distribution throughout your body. Wear it comfortably on your wrist or ankle, and let our BioSignals technology, enhance your physical exercise, mental alertness, and cellular harmony. Feel the and boost your energy with our Performance Band!



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What does it do?

Our wearable technology, The Healthy Waves Energy and Performance Band, promotes healthy oxygen flow through the bloodstream, enhancing the performance of every cell in your body.

Improves your Health – Monitoring your heart and its physiological metrics is important, but utilizing our innovative technology to influence these areas positively is critical to improving your heart health. Damaged blood cells group together and slow down blood flow. The Healthy Waves wearable device helps reorient the polarity of the blood cells to help them restabilize. This process frees the cells to flow more efficiently and improves blood flow, increasing energy to the body’s cells.

Boosts your Energy – As blood is restabilized, recovery time is dramatically reduced as more ATP is distributed throughout the body this creates more energy and rapid recovery for all parts of the body.

Reduces Inflammation – As circulation increases and more energy is distributed throughout the body. Energy is provided to cells to help with inflammation and immune support.

Bio Signaling Innovative Technology – The Energy and Performance Bands utilize innovative technology and incorporate BioSignals, rather than traditional ingredients. These BioSignals work in collaboration to enhance mental alertness, support physical exercise, alleviate pain, reduce inflammation and fatigue, and promote cellular harmony within the body. It is important to note that no chemicals or herbs are utilized in the production of these bands. Additionally, this interactive wearable technology can be comfortably worn on the ankles as well.

How does it work?


Rouleaux is a process that occurs when blood cells have lost their natural negative charge. Resulting in diminished oxygen uptake. This lowers cell energy.

Adenosine triphosphate known as ATP a currency of cells

Energy is released during ATP hydrolysis.

Therefore, by reorienting the cells to be able to pick up more ATP instead of Rouleaux. More energy and Oxygen can be moved through the bloodstream. This creates healthy blood flow and increased energy throughout the body!

Where do you wear it?

It is designed to wear on your wrist, the left will give you the best results but, either will work. You can also wear it on your ankle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Edith Orkis

No pain in my rt.shoulder now and has lowered my B.P. Have more energy.

Curtis Powell
It Wory

I Was feeling sluggish, slight depressed, and had no energy. Pursued the performance band. Had a great night sleep and I’m feeling energetic positive and full of energy. Excellent product.

Bill Longnecker
Stiffness has been relieved

I am a jeweler and a 3D jewelry designer, all these require my hands to manipulate tiny parts and pieces, usually with force and pressure. Hours of using a mouse or keypad, repetitive motions for hours. So, my hands are constantly stiff and sore at the end of everyday. Since wearing the healthy wave band on my wrist, I have felt a noticeable difference in the alleviation, there is a noticeable decline in my knuckles from the inflammation and pain. Highly worth the small investment!

Mo C.
Improved quality in performance

I’ve been wearing this for a week now and I can tell already difference. I suffer from migraines and pain associated from my job as a LMT. This band is a quality product and I recommend to anyone who is looking for pain management in a holistic way.

Bret Kettlewell
Immediate Relief

I have an inflammatory disease that causes muscle pain & stiffness. Three weeks ago I was introduced to the performance band and experienced almost immediate relief from the pain. The band has definitely been a blessing & I would highly recommend it to anyone that has muscle or joint pain. I feel much better overall & have higher energy levels.

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