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emf protection

Maximize Your Lifestyle!

The Healthy Waves Energy and Performance Band provides EMF protection, promotes healthy oxygen flow through the bloodstream, enhancing the performance of every cell in your body. 

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17 reviews

No pain in my rt.shoulder now and has lowered my B.P. Have more energy.

It Wory

I Was feeling sluggish, slight depressed, and had no energy. Pursued the performance band. Had a great night sleep and I’m feeling energetic positive and full of energy. Excellent product.

Stiffness has been relieved

I am a jeweler and a 3D jewelry designer, all these require my hands to manipulate tiny parts and pieces, usually with force and pressure. Hours of using a mouse or keypad, repetitive motions for hours. So, my hands are constantly stiff and sore at the end of everyday. Since wearing the healthy wave band on my wrist, I have felt a noticeable difference in the alleviation, there is a noticeable decline in my knuckles from the inflammation and pain. Highly worth the small investment!

Improved quality in performance

I’ve been wearing this for a week now and I can tell already difference. I suffer from migraines and pain associated from my job as a LMT. This band is a quality product and I recommend to anyone who is looking for pain management in a holistic way.

Immediate Relief

I have an inflammatory disease that causes muscle pain & stiffness. Three weeks ago I was introduced to the performance band and experienced almost immediate relief from the pain. The band has definitely been a blessing & I would highly recommend it to anyone that has muscle or joint pain. I feel much better overall & have higher energy levels.

Optimizing Your Well Being

Improve Your Heart Health

Improve heart health with Healthy Waves. Our wearable technology innovation positively influences your physiological metrics, reorienting the polarity of blood cells for improved blood flow and increased energy to the cells.

Boost Your Energy

As blood is restabilized recovery time is dramatically reduced as more ATP is distributed throughout the body. This creates more energy and rapid recovery for all parts of the body.

Support Your Immune System

As circulation increases and more energy is provided to cells, The Healthy Waves technology also helps to decrease inflammation and boost immune support, promoting overall wellness and vitality.

Your blood is the key to your health​​

The 'before' image displays rouleaux formations, a common occurrence in health conditions like blood disorders and inflammatory diseases. Using our Energy Performance Band, as shown in the 'after' image, not only disperses these cell clumps but also elevates oxygen levels and energy, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and reduces pain through negative ions. All these improvements contribute to increased performance, faster recovery, and an overall enhancement in quality of life.